Tuesday, October 22, 2013

University lover

When people visit countries or cities, they usually go to see (and definitely take pictures of) museums, theatres, churches and other, so called, sight-seeings. I'm not one of them. I have this thing for Universities. There's some magic aura in Academic places, isn't it? Air is so full of science, education, freedom, thinking...

G-d, do I love Universities! You have no idea. When I visit a new country, first thing I want to see is a State University of that place. Looking at the buildings and watching students are most amusing and amazing entertainment for me. I love watching enthusiastic and motivated youth. Anyone who's ever gone to University, knows how engaged and excited one can be there. Or maybe I was because I studied Journalism (crazy, how could I do that!) and believed in things that don't quite exist in this corrupt world. Plus they don't really teach you how to write there, just waste of time, all the good writers are NOT even journalists, forget Marquez and Hemingway... But that's not the subject now.

So I like University of Athens a lot (first European country I have visited long time ago), I guess, because it's old and loud :)
Second in my list is the Moscow State University, which is huge and pompous as Russia itself.
Then come Universities of Milan, Berlin and Prague. Sadly my list is not very big because I'll be honest, I haven't really seen all the Universities of the countries I have visited.
[I intentionally do not mention the great ones like Oxford, Cambridge, Sorbonne and etc, too pop for me ;) ]

Last but NOT least is the University of Leipzig. The pride of East Germany, let me say like this.
Since Leipzig is my (rather Ezra's, he is an authentic Leipziger) hometown right now, naturally its University is the first place to see and be for me.
My 4 years of Bachelor's and 2 years of the midrasha were not enough at all to satisfy my Academic hunger (haven't done Master's yet, sorry, mum!).


So today when Ezra and I were walking up the beautiful University street of Leipzig in the very centre of the city, I felt that the sky was wider and higher, than usual, calm breeze was full of University air taking me to my favourite place in the world.

I wonder what are my readers' obsession? Readers' that become less and less like my blog posts :-D It's fine, sometimes it's very useful talking/writing to yourself and making things clear and realising what you didn't actually know before.


Charlotte Alexandra said...

haha, very same Capricorn-ish feeling with Universities. Havenot done my MA yet and I think that later I'll decide to do, better I'll know what I want to do. (not to be then like you and journalism :D ) P.S. European Universities have very interesting Jewish Studies courses. Why don't you take a degree in it :)

Sophie שרה Golden said...

Anuschka, yes :-D
Hope you do and it will works great for you.
I know. At Leipzig uni too, but that's not something I would like to study :-/

Mzia said...

I recently moved to Reading, UK and literally one of the first things I went to see was the local university campus. I loved it!
Sophie, hope you will soon call yourself a student again :))

Sophie שרה Golden said...

Mzia, that must be so good. Have a great time and take as much as you can from England. I am sure you'll love it.
Thanks. Hopefully I will :)

Talia said...

Love this post Sophie. :) Can't say I visit many Universities on my travels, but I love the way you describe them. I will definitely make the effort to visit one the next time we go somewhere!

Sophie שרה Golden said...

Thanks, Talia.
Now I absolutely want to see Brisbane University too :-) any Australian one. Hope I'll get there some day, maybe when I'm older and will have enough money saved for travelling that far :lol: